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The Web Hosting Anytime Money Back Guarantee Secret Unveiled

The Web Hosting Anytime Money Back Guarantee Secret Unveiled

To attract more customers and increase the level of service satisfaction, almost all the hosting providers have included the refund policy into their hosting packages, ranging from a few days to anytime. To be honest, the money back guarantee is pretty beneficial for customers as they can make an online deal with a sense of risk-free and worry-free. Once they feel dissatisfied with the service, they can submit the cancellation request to cancel the account with the refund back to them. Of course, the prerequisite is that the request must be sent within the valid refund period.

Initially, web hosts allow customers to get a refund within 30 days or 45 days, and now more and more companies provide anytime money back guarantee like BlueHost. It sounds great, but can you really get all of your money back at anytime? We’d like to unveil some secrets about this trick to help you figure out the answer.

Two Refund Types

refundThe literal meaning of anytime money back guarantee is that people can get what they pay whenever they cancel their accounts. However, the fact is that this is just a wrong concept.

Generally, there are 2 refund types of the full refund and pro-rated refund that are categorized by different refund periods introduced in the following. Note that the refund periods might be various in different companies, but the refund types are almost the same.

  • Full Refund – Commonly, if customers request for account cancellation within the first three calendar days of registration, then they can get a full refund of all the fees paid for the hosting service. If customers cancel the account after 3 days but before 30 days, then they also can get the money paid in connection with the hosting package, but the refund has to be reduced if they use some beneficial extras offered by the web host as a marketing tactic like free domain name.
  • Prorated Refund – Customers can only get the prorated refund if they cancel the account after the full refund period. This means you can only be refunded at a prorated basis based on the date of registration and the date of cancellation. For instance, if you sign up a package for 12 months and abolish your service after 60 days (2 months), then the fees paid for the first 2 months cannot be refunded.

Obviously, anytime money back guarantee doesn’t equal to anytime full refund. Instead, there are some restrictions available that may mislead you.

Non-Refundable Situations

After studying Terms of Service of many popular web hosts like this one, we have found that there are also some non-refundable situations that are listed in below.


  • Fees paid for domain name, IP addresses, dedicated SSH and some other features outside the hosting packages are non-refundable.
  • Some web hosts set a specific restriction in terms of the payment methods. If customers fail to pay for the service the way companies like, they cannot be refunded.
  • Some companies may disallow customers to get a refund in connection with VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Only shared hosting packages are refundable.
  • Setup fees and account activation fees are non-refundable.
  • Customers cannot get refund if their accounts are cancelled due to the misuse and violation of Terms of Service, such as the overuse of server resources.

Without doubt, anytime money back guarantee offers great benefit for customers, but you still need to go for Terms of Services or User Agreement of the specific company to figure out what does the refund policy actual mean.


There are a lot of reliable hosting providers that can guarantee customers a hassle-free refund at any time, and in the meanwhile, promise the quality and reliable hosting service at an affordable price. Below are the top three option.