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Akismet Review - Why and How to Use It for WordPress Security

Akismet Review – Why and How to Use It for WordPress Security

When talking about WordPress comment plugins or tools, Akismet might be the first option that flashes in most WordPress users’ minds. It checks all your comments to figure out which are the spamming ones and blocks all the bad comments using the discard feature.

In the following, we have come out a detailed Akismet review, with which you can learn its major features and how to make a full use of these benefits.

About Akismet

Comment moderation can be a time-consuming and annoying task for any webmasters, especially for the large site owners. Akismet, however, simply takes the pain out of the tedious moderation process. It automatically scans your comments against the exclusive Akismet Web Service, and records a status for each comment so that you can know which are cleared, preventing the comment spam effectively.

Major Benefits

  • It checks your comments and filters out spamming ones before landing in your WordPress moderation queue for pending.
  • It has a discard feature that automatically blocks some spamming-suspicious comments to free up your disk space.
  • It gives each comment a history record, so that you can keep track of the moderation process closely.

Akismet has a special Web Service to caught and figure out the spamming comments and pingbacks. Generally, if a similar-looking comment has been reported as spam by dozens of websites, it will be identified as a “true spam” by Akismet and be held in the spam database. In this case, if you encounter the same spam, it will be filtered automatically. At present, Akismet has gathered billions of spam comments on the web.

Special Note – As Akismet enlarges its spam database by analyzing the spam reporting of participant websites, it may mark some legitimate comments as the spam ones. In this case, you have to manually pull them out of your spam box.

How to Use Akismet for WordPress Comment Security

After installing and activating Akismet in your WordPress admin, you need to get an exclusive API key to enable this tool. For this, you can directly check the or go to the Settings > Akismet from your dashboard. Here, you can click the “Get Your API Key” button.

Get Your API Key

In fact, Akismet has four plans for you to choose – Basic, Plus, Backup and Enterprise. Before getting the key, you firstly should choose one based on your needs. If you want to use the free Basic plan, you only need to drag the price amount to $0/mo in the checkout process. Then, Akismet will give you an exclusive key in the next page.

Automatically Save Your Akismet API Key

Then, you can be transferred to the Akismet settings page automatically.

  • Comments – This setting can be enabled if you want to know the exact number of approved comments for each comment author.
  • Strictness – You can choose to block the most pervasive spam comments automatically by Akismet. Or, you can put all the spam comments in the spam folder for review.

Akismet Settings Page

Now, you can go to the Akismet Stats from your WordPress admin. Here, you can review the spam comments and check the detailed statistics from a special chart. For instance, you can learn the number of total spam, total ham, missed spam and false positives through the bar chart.

Akismet Stats

If you want to showcase the number of spam comments filtered by Akismet in your website front-end, you can also use the Akismet Widget and put it into a proper location of your sidebar.

For this, you simply need to go to the Appearance > Widgets to find the Akismet Widget, and then, drag and drop it to a proper widget area. Note that the default widget title is “Spam Blocked”, but you can replace it with anything you like.

Akismet Widget