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Why and How to Add WordPress QR Code for Website Optimization

Why and How to Add WordPress QR Code for Website Optimization

QR code, or the Quick Response Code, is widely used in this digital world in print media. With it, you can enter a website or download an application promptly by scanning it using the camera of your smartphone. Generally, this special code is used as an encouragement for people to enter and check the products, brands, official sites, discount information of the advertisers and publishers. But now, it is also used by some webmasters to achieve a better reading experience and a higher level of security for their websites.

In the following, we’d like to list some situations as why you need to add WordPress QR code and how to achieve this.

How Can the QR Code Benefit Your WordPress Site

As this code is mainly scanned by the smartphone, adding it to your site can be somewhat a great practice to make your site mobile-friendly. Besides this, you can bring more conveniences to your readers and users in the following aspects.

Easy Website Login

This can benefit both you and your content contributors. You do not need to remember the username and password, but can log into the website back-end by scanning the QR code simply.

Besides the faster login process, this practice prevents you from entering the login credentials on the computer; thus improve your website security to some extent.

Easy Website Login

Two Factors Verification

If you view the website security of the top priority, you’d better add the QR code to better safeguard your login page. With it, only having your username and password is not enough to enter your WordPress dashboard. You also need to scan the randomly generated QR code using your smartphone.

To be frank, this greatly enhances your website safety. Unless the hackers steal your mobile device, they can never enter your website back-end, even though they have guessed your username and decoded the corresponding password.

Contact Page Optimization

If people check your contact page from the PC, they can get in touch with you easily by filling out your contact form, copying and pasting your email in their email application, or linking your Skype ID. For mobile readers, however, doing these can be far more inconvenient.

In this case, you need to add the QR code in your contact page. By scanning the code, the mobile readers can contact you in person quickly without the need to enter your Skype ID, email address, SMS number and many more.

Even, they can save your contact details automatically, and keep in touch with you in the future when they are away from the computer.

Contact Page Optimization

Easy Item Downloading

If you have some files for people to download, it is highly recommended to embed the downloading link into the QR code. In this case, your visitors can download what they want with much ease.

Generally, these can be the FLV files for movies, the MP3 files for music, the PDF files for the local map and many more. If you offer some APP downloads, you can not only link the downloading links to the applications, but also the online addresses of the exact official stores.

Great Location Page

If you have a physical store or headquarter that encourages people to visit, the quick scan on the QR code helps them load the Google Map that points your location easily. This simplifies the process for mobile users to look up your physical location to a large extent.

Easy Release of Discounts and Promotional Campaigns

If you have launched some promotional campaigns for your online stores, the utilization of QR code is helpful for your customers to take the discounts with a simple scan, without the need to write down the coupon codes or to find the promotional links.

To be frank, this can boost your profits when people feel easy to get the discounts or beneficial extras.

How to Add WordPress QR Code

As for the adding of QR code to your WordPress site, you need to go through two steps – generate the corresponding shortcode and embed it into the right location.

Step 1 – Generate the Shortcode

After searching on the web, we have found that many WordPress users recommend the QR Code Generator plugin, which automatically generates the shortcode for displaying the QR code. However, for the sake of website performance, we do not recommend you to add too many plugins on your site. Instead, we sincerely suggest a free online tool in this page.

This special tool allows you to generate the QR code for your website URL, Facebook Like Page, PDF file, App store, image gallery, MP3 file, static vCard, email address, SMS number and many more. Different code types require you to enter different information about yourself and your site.

Choose the Code Type

Even, you can have a preview in the right hand of the screen, checking the effects generated by the QR code on the smartphone of your readers.

Smartphone Preview

After entering the required information of your QR code, you can decide its appearance by choosing among the three default templates. Besides, you can upload your custom logo and have it displayed on the QR code with proper position and colors.

Design the Code

Once everything is configured properly, you now can click the Done button to have the code generated.

Step 2 – Add the QR Code to WordPress Site

Now, you have two options. Once is to download the QR code image with the formats of PNG, Vector and JPG, along with the sizes ranging from 500×500 to 3000×3000. Then, you can upload the code image to your website and apply the image URL to your preferred location.

Or, you can choose to embed the QR code using the HTML code generated by this tool. The code can be entered into either your webpages or the sidebar widgets. However, if the QR code does not appear in your text widget, you need to add the following line of code into the functions.php file of your template.

QR Code Filter