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How to Add A WordPress Print Button to Make Your Site Print Friendly

How to Add A WordPress Print Button to Make Your Site Print Friendly

Personally speaking, making the overall website print friendly can be viewed as a core practice for most webmasters if they have the enough confidence on their published web contents. After all, although many people now are much more likely to browse online using the digital devices, there are still someone who have the habit to read on the paper, thus are willing to print your posts once they feel your words are interesting and meaningful, with the aim for the further reading or for the effective preservation.

In the following, we’d like to introduce the easy methods on how to add a WordPress print button to make your site print friendly. Here, we need to note that it is possible that your currently used WordPress template already supports the print feature. To figure out this, you can press the CTRL plus P on your keyboard. By doing so, you can get the preview of how your web contents can be printed. If the result requires you to print all the sidebars, menus, images, headers and other useless information, it means your theme cannot make your site print friendly, so you’d better take the following actions to achieve this special feature.

Option 1 – Use the Print Friendly Plugin

To make your WordPress contents easy to be printed with the best results, we firstly recommend you to use the Print Friendly plugin. One of the highlights of this tool is that it will achieve the PDF views for all your posts and pages so as to make your web contents print friendly, without the need to create the special print CSS file.

Now, you can install the Print Friendly plugin on your website, and then, you need to hit the Print Friendly & PDF button from the Settings drop-down to make some configurations of this tool.

Here, you firstly need to determine how your print button will look like on your website front-end. By default, there are 10 options available for you to choose. You can pick up your preferred one and change the button text, the text color and the text size to make the whole button fully compatible with your website design.

In addition, if you like, you can even design and upload your own custom button. For this, you simply need to enter the image URL of the button.

Print Button Style

Next, you should determine the exact position of the print button. Here, you can display it below the web contents or above the web contents, as well as make it left aligned, right aligned or in the central location.

Even, you can decide the exact left margin, right margin, top margin and bottom margin.

Print Button Position

Now, you need to decide where the print button can be showcased. The available options include all your posts, all your pages, the homepage, all the category pages and the taxonomy pages. Besides, you can choose to use the available shortcode to achieve the print friendly feature for some individual posts and pages.

Print Button Location

Next, you should determine what can be printed and what cannot, such as the website logo, the images, the mail addresses and many others. This can avoid the printing of some unnecessary items. Even, you are allowed to decide the website protocol when printing the contents and determine whether to print the password protected posts.

Print Options

After saving all of these settings, now, your website can become 100% print friendly, allowing people to print your pages with the most effective format. Even, before clicking the Print button, people can decide the text size, remove the images and delete some texts as they want.

Print Screen

Option 2 – Use the WP-Print Plugin

As compared with the first plugin, the WP-Print plugin has less configuring options. In addition, instead of resulting in the PDF versions for your posts and pages, this plugin just achieves the printable version for the whole site.

To use it properly, you should click the Settings > Print button. Here, you firstly need to decide the print styles, such as the texts of the print buttons for posts and for pages, the icon for the print button, as well as the print button style among the options of a print icon with the text link, a print icon only or the text link only.

Print Styles

Next, you should choose the print options. By default, when people click the print button, all the textual contents, comments, links, images and videos can be printed automatically. However, you can disable the print feature for some options so as to ensuring the effective print experiences for your website visitors.

Even, you can choose to print the disclaimer, copyright and other information that is located at the footer section or not.

Print Options

Now, you only need to click the Save Settings button to save all the changes you have made. As for the printing result this plugin can achieve for you, you can check the below two screenshots that showcase how the contents look like before printing and after printing.

Before Printing

Before Printing

After Printing

After Printing