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How to Add WordPress Phone Number Link for Smartphone Users

How to Add WordPress Phone Number Link for Smartphone Users

In this digital world, browsing the internet using smartphone is a common practice for almost everyone. Therefore, many business owners grab this opportunity by showcasing their phone number with a clickable link for calling. In this case, once people are interested in their products or services, contacting them for further information can be an easy thing.

If you are a business owner who wants to better promote your online platform with the mobile version, adding such a clickable phone number is a great option. In the following, we have introduced you two methods about how to add WordPress phone number link for your smartphone readers.

Method 1 – Use WordPress Menu Function

In fact, adding the phone number is an easy task with WordPress. To do this, you only need to enter your WordPress admin and click Menus button under the Appearance tab. In this page, you can find a lot of labels from the left hand side, such as Pages, Categories, Links and many more. Here, click the Links label.

Links Label

Now, you can enter your phone number into the URL and the Link Text. By default, the URL section starts with “https://”, but now, you should replace it with “tel:+”, which tells the smartphone that this is a phone number that can be clicked. After the plus symbol, you should enter the number to be dialed. As for the section of Link Text, you can enter either the phone number or some words like “Call Me”.

Enter Phone Number

After that, you can click the Add to Menu button to add this special link into your navigation menu. As you can reorder all your main menus by dragging them, here, we highly recommend you to place the phone number at last, not in the central place of all the menus and not displayed as a sub-menu item.

Showcase Phone Number

Method 2 – Use Coding Stuff

To use this method, you only need to edit your header file. Here, you can navigate to the Appearance section of your dashboard and click the Editor button. Then, open the file named as “wrapper-header” and enter the coding stuff just like the following screenshot showcases.

Enter Phone Number Coding

Now, you can refresh your homepage to check the phone number link. Note that the link is visible on all the viewing devices. However, if you click it on the desktop, it cannot convert to a successful calling but an error page on the browser.

In this case, you can also consider using the protocol of “callto”. With it, your phone number link can result in a successful dialing via smartphone or the opening of Skype on desktop and tablet.

<a href="callto://1234567”>1234567</a>

If you do not want to showcase your phone number in the front-end but a special Call Me image to attract more dialing from readers, you can refer to the sample lines of code showcased as below. Do not forget to replace the image URL and modify the image alt tag accordingly.

Enter Call Me Image