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How to Add a WordPress Currency Converter for Better Online Dealing

How to Add a WordPress Currency Converter for Better Online Dealing

At present, only having the local customers cannot satisfy the majority of online store owners. Instead, they are looking to attract some international customers to purchase their services or products. As you can start your business in this well-connected world, going international is a great choice for you to generate more revenues and improve the popularity of your personal branding. However, this practice also comes with some inconveniences, one of which is the necessity for dealing with different currencies. To be frank, it can be frustrating for your foreign customers to convert their currencies to yours before placing an order. Even, as the exchange rate might fluctuate sometimes, things can be even more irritating.

In this case, a special currency converter can be put into utilization to ease this kind of annoying situation for your international customers. In the following, we’d like to tell you how to add a WordPress currency converter with much ease.

Utilize the Currency Converter Plugin

To insert this special tool into your WordPress site, the easiest way is by utilizing the Currency Converter plugin. As calculated, there are more than 200 currencies supported by this plugin, along with the full customization freedom to control the color, layout and size of the converter form. In addition, it is pre-loaded with the latest updated exchange rates, so it can achieve the constant and prompt calculation.

As for the utilization of this converter plugin, there is no need for you to carry out any configuration after installing it on your WordPress site. Instead, you can directly go to the Appearance section of your admin panel and click the Widgets button. Here, you can find the automatically generated Currency Converter widget. Simply drag and drop this widget to your preferred location of the sidebar and make a few simple choices.

Currency Converter Plugin

To begin with, you can decide the target currency from the drop-down list. But personally, we do not recommend you to choose a fixed target currency, but allow your customers to choose the source currency and the target one on their own.

After that, you can choose the overall layout between the options of Horizontal display and the Vertical display. For the majority of websites, the vertical one works better in the sidebar area, but surely, you can pick up the horizontal layout if it fits your webpage design perfectly.

For Horizontal Display

Horizontal Display

For Vertical Display

For Vertical Display

In addition to the layout, you also need to decide the proper width, text color, background color and the header color of your displayed converter tool. All of these aspects need to be highly suitable to the overall appearance of your site. Even, if needed, you can tick the checkbox of Transparent for the better showcase.

The last part is to determine the default money amount, “from currency” and “to currency”. Note that the recommended amount is 100.

Finish! Now, you can go to your sidebar section for checking the newly added currency converter.

Alternative Plugins

In addition to this plugin, there are also some other great options that have different highlights. In the following, we have listed 3 widely used one along with their exclusive strong points. You can choose the most suitable one to install on your site.

WP Currency Converter

Download It

This is a straightforward AJAX based plugin that ensures the great convenience for your customers to convert hundreds of currencies with much ease. Powered by AJAX technology, this plugin does not require people to refresh the webpage for another round of conversion. The seamless experience is ensured. In addition, this plugin retrieves all the data from Google Finance, thus, it can get the most updated foreign exchange information to achieve a fast conversion speed.

Even, as compared with the Currency Converter plugin, this one not only allows you to showcase the converting tool in the sidebar, but also display it inside your posts or pages by adding the exclusive shortcode.


Download It

The Currencyr plugin is an easy-to-use and advanced converter plugin for all the major currencies. Instead of giving the converting tool the traditional calculator appearance, this plugin makes use of a tooltip that sits right at the currency for the easy conversion. Even, it leverages the power of jQuery technology for converting some in-line items to the target currency just like the following screenshot displays.


In addition, when comparing this plugin with many other options, this one allows the database caching system, so it works effectively without the possibility to slow down your website running.

Exchange Rate Table

Download It

This special plugin is a widget based one, which works in the same way as the Currency Converter option. The main highlight offered by it includes the colorful display of the conversion form along with the little country flags showcased next to different currencies. Instead of resulting in the tacky looking, the country flag actually gives you an ordered and clean result.

In addition, the plugin also gives you some customization options, such as the freedom to determine the overall color scheme and the display order for currencies.