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How to Add Pinterest Pin It Button to Better Use Pinterest Platform

How to Add Pinterest Pin It Button to Better Use Pinterest Platform

With the essence of marketing and promotion in social media increasing day by day, tremendous numbers of innovative media have come up on the internet world. Pinterest, being one of the most popular social media, is used by thousands of individuals and groups for promotion of their posts on websites or blogs. Also, website owners desire to let the visitors easily share the posts they like in a social media through their accounts. When it comes to Pinterest, website owners can add Pinterest pin it button on every page of their websites.

Benefits of Using Pin It Button

Many webmasters try to find reasons as to why one should use the Pin It button on the website for the promotion of posts, content or website. The answer to this question is that the Pin It button brings several advantages for the website along with it.

The primary benefit of the presence of Pinterest Pin It button on the website is enjoyed by the readers because they can easily share what they like in the Pinterest account. There are thousands of social media freaks who browse the websites hunting for some suitable posts that they can share on their account. Hence, the Pin It button acts as a jackpot for these visitors as they can share by simply clicking on the button.

On the other hand, website owners get benefits because the popularity of the website increases and a large amount of the targeted audience get to know about it when a visitor shares it on his Pinterest account. As a result, the website receives more traffic in a cost-effective way.

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How to Install Pin It Button on WordPress Site

Being the most popular platform for websites and blogs, WordPress offers various methods for the installation of the Pin It button. The webmaster of a WordPress website can add Pinterest Pin It button by using a plugin, code or a shortcode.

As the most preferred way of installing Pin It button to a WordPress website is by using a plugin, discussed here are some easy steps that can add the social sharing button on the site.

First of all, the webmaster needs to select a powerful plugin for the present version of WordPress. Floating Social Bar is a recommendable plugin as it offers multiple social media sharing buttons. Secondly, the plugin should be installed on the WordPress site by the general procedure of installing plugins for WordPress. Lastly, the site owner can configure and customize the Pin it button from the Settings menu all the options for the Floating Social Bar can be available upon installation.

Floating Social Bar

Besides this method, a WordPress user who doesn’t prefer too many plugins can add the Pin It button by using the following coding stuff. It should be noted that the code should not be altered as it can affect the performance or appearance of the website.

Pinterest Button Code

This code is to be entered in the functions.php file of the activated theme on the website running on WordPress. It is executed by developers who love using code rather than plugins or add-ons.

How to install Pin it Button on Joomla Site

Pinterest for JoomlaThere are a number of plugins and modules available for the social media sharing on Joomla websites. However, when it comes to sharing on Pinterest, presented in the online market are several specialized modules that offer the Pin It button to the websites running on Joomla.

Pinterest Master is one of the most popular modules that offers pin it button of five different sizes so that the webmasters can use the most suitable one for individual pages. As the installation and activation of plugins and modules are simple on Joomla, one can easily add Pinterest Pin It button to a Joomla site. The user only needs to visit the configuration area to enable, disable or customize the Pin it button on the website.

How to install Pin it button on the Drupal site

Drupal is another popular platform for websites and blogs. When it comes to the installation of Pinterest Pin It button in Drupal sites, there are several ways. However, the most preferred way is by using the Pin It module on the websites running on Drupal. The module is effective enough to gather the URL, image and description from the node that can be shared on Pinterest by clicking on the button. The administrator has the sole authority to control which posts shall have the Pin It option.

Some easy steps are required to be followed for the installation and activation of this module on a Drupal site. Firstly, the administrator has to download the Pin It file on his desktop and upload it to the server followed by its extraction. Secondly, it is needed to visit the Modules section of the site and activate the module. Lastly, the webmaster should go to the customization menu and choose the pages or posts where he wants to offer the Pin It button for sharing.

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