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How to Add Ajax Comments in WordPress Built Websites

How to Add Ajax Comments in WordPress Built Websites

As a website is nothing if it has no comment section for readers and visitors to achieve mutual communication, we have come out a series of related tutorials including how to remove HTML tag in comment, how to prevent comment spam, and how to add Facebook comment box, etc.

Ajax comments are great as it allows you to reply the words on the actual thread page, along with an allowance for comments deleting and the integration with cool jQuery sliding. In the following, we decide to tell you how to add Ajax comments in WordPress by using plugins, which is the easier way than using coding stuff.

Overall about Ajax

AjaxAjax is a group of interrelated technique for web development to create asynchronous web applications. I can be used to send data and retrieve data from the server asynchronously, which is in the background, without hindering with the display and behavior of the subsisting page. Over the years, Ajax has crept into website and swiftly become a way to form dynamic, user- friendly and responsive websites.

Plugin Utilization

In fact, there are a lot of related plugins developed to achieve this goal, but we only introduce the top 3 options along with the detailed introduction, all of which are easy to be handled and configured.

WP Ajaxify Comments

No page reloading is required during validating, posting and updating comments. WP Ajaxify Comments clasps to your comment form and adds AJAX functionality. When the comments form is submitted, the plugin drives the data to the WordPress backend without reloading the full page. If there is an error, the plugin displays a pop-up overlay having the error message and then the client can correct the comment form with no need of navigating back. If a comment is posted successfully, the WP Ajaxify Comments adds the new comment to the list of subsisting comments without exiting the page, and displays an information overlay pop-up. This plugin also comprises of options to automatically refresh the comments on the existing sheet without any reload.

wp ajaxify comments

Some of the fantastic features of this plugin include the auto-updates of comment, support for pages with multiple comments form, support for threaded comments, support for customizing WordPress messages, support for comments that await moderation, and the validation of comments without page reloads. It has a seamless integration with almost every theme, and has a debug mode to support troubleshooting. You can even load comments asynchronously with the secondary AJAX request. Its compatibility with comment spam protection plugins and other plugins make it the most-downloaded plugin.

Simple AJAX Insert Comments Lite

This plugin inserts and shows comments effortlessly and quickly utilizing Ajax styles of social networks. It is a mini but extremely influential plugin for WordPress that enables you to insert comments and to receive replies in a quick and simple way. This plugin exploits AJAX, PHP and jQuery to introduce comments without reloading the entire page.

Simple AJAX Insert Comments Lite

Simple AJAX Insert Comments Lite comprises many salient features making it one of the best plugins. Apart from loading, inserting and displaying comments using Ajax without refreshing the page, it has options to allow comments to registered users only and even to non-registered users. It is fully responsive with full validation of fields and Captcha to provide security and spam-free form. The area of text it provides can be auto-incremented. Although it allows limited characters per comment, but its attributes including the provision of buttons to insert videos, images and links make it outstanding.

customization page

It also has an option to reply to specific comments with four styles accessible for customization. When you make use of BuddyPress, the commentator link can point to your BuddyPress user profile sheet. With the configuration page to customize plugin options and many more, this plugin is a fabulous deal for inserting comments.

four styles

WP Ajax Edit Comment

This plugin permits you to edit all the comments. The admin is made available with numerous features like options to undo functionality for many editing comments, to edit all the comments, or even to blacklist a comment. You can approve or control a comment, mark any comment as spam or remove all the comments from a webpage or the dashboard. You can even choose different icons set to be used in blogs and create a drop down menu to liberate the interface.

WP Ajax Edit Comment

There are various options for the admin panel. For instance, you can change comment time, give anonymous user options, stipulate logged in user options, immobilize timer, or choose between Akismet and Defensio for guard against spam. Anonymous user features comprise editing comments for a limited time and request to delete their own comment. Logged-in users are given the advantage of indefinite comment editing. With several admin options available and controlled user options, this plugin is very useful to control activities by an anonymous user.

The plugins allow you to insert comments in the easiest and an enhanced way. You simply need to download these Ajax plugins and savor them by adding your views in your website, reading other’s views, discussing over them and at the same time flaunting this new creation by you.