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How to Add an "Agree to Terms" Box in WordPress

How to Add an “Agree to Terms” Box in WordPress

For all the quality websites that allow people to use their online services or products, to register a personal account or to publish a comment, a special page that contains some terms of service is critical. Generally, these terms and conditions are the website rules set by you, and your readers must abide by them to take some actions on your site.

Personally speaking, showcasing the Terms of Service Agreement and forcing your visitors to agree with it can legally protect you and prevent some unnecessary legal issues. This is especially important if your site is an e-commerce one, or will handle and store the personal data of your users.

As for the display of the agreement, we highly recommend you to leverage the “Agree to Terms” box, which will require people to agree with your rules before they can proceed any action.

Check the following simple steps about how to add an “Agree to Terms” box in WordPress.

How to Add an “Agree to Terms” Box in WordPress

To add such a useful box for your site, you can leverage the power of the Agreeable plugin, which works well with WordPress, bbPress, BuddyPress and WordPress Multisite.

Once you have installed it on your WordPress site, now, you need to click the Settings tab and hit the Agreeable button to make some simple configurations as discussed in the following.

General Settings

Firstly, you need to decide what will be showcased in the error message when people fail to check the “Agree to Terms” box. Frankly speaking, the default textual content is proper.

After that, you need to publish an exclusive Terms of Service webpage that contains all your rules and conditions clearly, and then, choose it from the drop-down menu for setting it as your Terms Page. Note that this plugin does not generate this special page for you automatically. You have to do it on your own. Here, we sincerely suggest you using some online services such as Termsfeed, with which you can easily generate your terms and conditions that are totally based on your website niche, personal requirements and real situation.

Next, you need to determine the text that will be showcased right after the “Agree to Terms” checkbox. After all, you need to tell people what this special box is about and why they should tick it.

Also, you should decide whether to enable the caching system. By doing so, this plugin will remember the agreement made by your readers for 30 days, so they will not be required to check this box each time they do something on your site.

Agreeable General Settings

Lightbox Options

Now, you need to determine lightbox options for this checkbox. Firstly, you need to know that this plugin allows two ways for people to read the detailed information of your terms and conditions. One way is to open your Terms Page in a new tab so that people need to review your rules from a totally separate window. Another way is to showcase all your terms in a lightbox popup, so there is no need for people to go over a new webpage. Personally, we suggest the option of lightbox popup. For this, you need to tick the Active checkbox.

After that, you should also decide the text color and the background color for the lightbox to fully meet your webpage color scheme.

Lightbox Options

Checkbox Display

Lastly, you need to choose where to display this useful box. By default, this plugin allows you to showcase it on your comment form, account registration form and the login form.

Checkbox Display

In the following, we’d like to showcase a sample screenshot of how this “Agree to Terms” box will be displayed on your login page.

Checkbox Sample