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A Small Orange vs BlueHost - Which One to Choose for Blog Running

A Small Orange vs BlueHost – Which One to Choose for Blog Running

When it comes to the hosting service for blog running, A Small Orange and BlueHost are two of the hot options. Both of them offer the affordable solutions with fast speed and great reliability, so choosing between them might be a hard task for some new bloggers.

In the following, we’d like to start an A Small Orange vs BlueHost comparison which mainly focuses on the aspects of hosting charges, features, hosting performance and technical support. Before moving to the detailed information, you can firstly check the following comparison table that demonstrates our general opinions of their blog hosting based on customer feedbacks and real-world monitoring.

Rating BlueHost A Small Orange
Technical Support
BlueHost Review Small Orange Review

What They Are In Common

As the experienced web hosts that have been served for a large number of bloggers, both of them know the importance of website uptime and rich feature offering, thus have done great in these two aspects.

Great Uptime Track Record

In fact, there are two aspects that determine the reliability level of the hosting solution – the quality of web servers and the equipment of data centers. The former one ensures the proper delivery of website contents over the Internet, while the latter one makes sure that the server machines can work uninterruptedly.

  • Servers – Both of them utilize quality web servers with robust components of Intel processors, industry standard SSD database storage and RAID mirrored hard drives.
  • Data Centers – They all rent multiple data centers to locate the web servers, each of which is equipped with redundant power supply and climate control to ensure that all the machines can work properly. Besides, with the security system and 24/7 monitoring, the potential dangers can be prevented effectively.

Coming with these great technologies and facilities, both A Small Orange and BlueHost guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for all the hosted blog sites. According to our monitoring with two sample sites, they all fully keep their promises. BlueHost, even, guarantees a 100% uptime for the past month.

A Small Orange vs BlueHost on Uptime

Rich Features

They all offer multiple hosting packages that are coming with different feature offerings. However, the basic and necessary features are included in each package.

  • Sufficient allocation of server resources, email accounts and FTP accounts.
  • A free domain name and free advertising credits for Google AdWords.
  • cPanel control panel with the 1-click application installer.
  • Advanced features of PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, CGI, CURL and many more.
  • Security technologies such as daily backup, hotlink protection, IP blocking and password protection.

Aspects of BlueHost Wins Over A Small Orange

BlueHost is better than A Small Orange in the aspects of hosting prices, page loading speed and technical support.

Cheaper Prices

BlueHost offers three packages with multiple billing circles. Regularly, you are charged from $5.99/mo to $19.99/mo for these three plans with the 3 years billing. At present, however, you can enjoy an up to 60% discount and purchase with the most effective price of $3.49/mo only by going through this promotional link.

As for the hosting prices of A Small Orange, you need to pay from $2.92/mo to $20/mo. If you sign up with the one year plan, you can get 2 months free for the Small, Medium and Large packages.

It is true that A Small Orange sets a cheaper price for its basic plan, but this package is too feature-poor to choose. As for its rest three plans, all of them are not as budget-friendly as those of BlueHost.

Price BlueHost A Small Orange
Plans in Comparison Basic Small
3 Years $3.49/mo $4.16/mo
2 Years $3.95/mo $4.16/mo
1 Year $4.95/mo $4.16/mo
Discount 60% 17%
How to Claim Link Activation Not Recommended

Faster Page Loading Speed

BlueHost is well-known for its super-blazing hosting performance. According to our real-world testing, the site hosted with BlueHost is already twice faster than the site hosted with A Small Orange.

A Small Orange vs BlueHost on Speed

The reasons that contribute to such a great result not only include its adoption of top-quality web servers and cutting-edge data centers, but also for its utilization of CloudFlare CDN service.

This great hosting service automatically optimizes the online delivery of your website content, helping your readers experience the fastest page loading. Besides, the CDN service is effective to block the abusive robots and potential threats from over-consuming your monthly bandwidth. At present, the CloudFlare CDN has 23 data centers all over the world with hundreds of server machines.

Better Technical Support

The technical support is an important part for any hosting solution, so both BlueHost and A Small Orange pay much attention to this aspect by offering the 24/7 available support team that is composed of a group of professional support representatives. All of these support staffs are well-trained who can respond to your request within the shortest time.

However, the only difference between these two web hosts is the support channels. BlueHost allows you to ask for help via the phone support, email support and live chat. A Small Orange, however, only regards the email as the official channel for contacting support representatives and does not offer the phone support service.

Aspect of A Small Orange Wins Over BlueHost

To be frank, we only find one aspect that A Small Orange is better than BlueHost – the money back guarantee. In fact, all of them give you a great sense of risk-free by offering the full refund and any time pro-rated refund. What distinguishes them is that A Small Orange allows a 90-day full refund while BlueHost only allows 30 days.


As comparing them for hosting speed, uptime, support service, hosting prices and features, BlueHost is undoubtedly the better option for the majority of bloggers.