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1and1 VS BlueHost – Shared & VPS Comparison

1and1 VS BlueHost – Shared & VPS Comparison

Both of 1and1 and BlueHost are industry-acknowledged hosting brands which have been in the world of web hosting for over a decade. In the further, their expertise in the field of shared and VPS hosting has led to great business and client relations, which in return makes it difficult to make a decision between the two solutions.

That’s the reason why we make this 1and1 VS BlueHost based on our long-term experiences and investigations. At this place, we will target at the shared and VPS service of the two web hosts from several important points and explain why BlueHost is the better choice to go with. Move forwards and get to know more information.

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1and1 is one of the largest hosting companies in the market, which offers a wide range of products and services at present in more than 10 different countries. With them, you can enjoy the top-notch Linux web hosting, Windows web hosting, managed WordPress hosting, website building tools, marketing services, domain registration and transfer service, dedicated servers, email service, SEO optimization and many more.

Being famous by their affordable and comprehensive online offerings, this web host now has been trusted by a large sum of webmasters, along with the great satisfaction rate from web hosting to domain registration, from website building to technical support, from easy hosting to advanced technology and many more.

As for BlueHost, this web host might be the number 1 choice for most webmasters, especially for starters. After all, BlueHost is the leading hosting company that ensures the great service for tens of years, supporting millions of customers all over the world. They are looking to push the boundary of the truly quality hosting solution, and continuously provide the reliable, fast and affordable service with the 24/7 technical assistance.

1and1 VS BlueHost – Price & Features in Shared Hosting

1and1 vs BlueHost - Price & FeaturesFor shared service, 1and1 has released three flexible plans which are named as Basic, Unlimited and Performance. This company offers different price ranges in each plan and rates the plans at $5.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $14.99/mo. Although it provides a sale price of $0.99/mo in the Unlimited plan, this mentioned special offer is only applicable to the first-three month hosting service.

Comparatively, BlueHost indeed makes webmasters avoid expensive capital expenditure and charges for a well-balanced price. In details, this company supplies people with the heftily-discounted prices of $3.49/mo, $3.95/mo and $13.95/mo without hidden fees. To get this big deal, no coupon code is needed, and buyers only need to go through the following promotional link.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

In addition to price, BlueHost is superior to 1and1 thanks to its rich features. In the following table, we have selected the equally-charged Basic and Plus plans from 1and1 and BlueHost respectively. Scroll down and take a look at their discrepancies.

Features 1and1 BlueHost
Plan in Comparison Basic Plus
Monthly Bandwidth Unspecified Unlimited
Web Storage 100GB Unlimited
Hosted Websites 1 Unlimited
Sub-Domains 100 Unlimited
Email Accounts 100 Unlimited
Marketing Credits $100 $200
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Anytime

1and1 VS BlueHost – Price & Features in VPS Hosting

For VPS service, 1and1 is included with up to four options which are defined as Virtual Server M, L, XL and XXL separately. Unlike its shared plans, this company gives a considerable discount for each plan and puts the regular prices down to $4.99/mo, $9.99/mo, $19.99/mo and $29.99/mo.

In the same way, BlueHost also have a rich set of VPS hosting packages which are Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate. Normally this company prices the packages from $29.99/mo, but it offers a-half discounted price of $14.99/mo for scanners registering through the promotional link in below.

BlueHost VPS Promotional Link Activation

Both of 1and1 and BlueHost have allocated different resources in each plan so as to cover different needs. To make things plain and give consideration to price, we make out the following table to compare the Virtual Server L plan from 1and1 and the Standard plan from BlueHost .

Features 1and1 BlueHost
Plan in Comparison Virtual Server L Standard
CPU Cores 2 2
Disk Space 150 GB 30 GB
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited 1 TB
Guaranteed RAM 2 GB 2 GB
IP Address(es) 1 1
Included Domains 1 1
Price $9.99/mo $14.99/mo

1and1 VS BlueHost – Data Center & Network

BlueHost data centers are configured with multi-phase power redundancy, industry-leading fire suppression and cooling systems. Moreover, this company places an intensive server monitoring 24×7 and makes use of N+1 power units to prevent users’ sites from going down due to potential problems or outage. From our performance testing on BlueHost and 1and1, both of the two web hosts have excellent network uptime.

To accommodate to customers’ demands for high performance, BlueHost applies a 10 Gigabit network which is powered by multi-layered switches and routers. More than that, it adopts enterprise-class hardware and a Cisco gear to build a growth-friendly hosting environment. As a matter of fact, BlueHost indeed averages 320ms in transferring rate, which undoubtedly surpasses its peer.

In fact, the server response speed achieved by BlueHost can be rated with the A+ rating as compared with many other web hosts in the market. To achieve the fast hosting speed, this web host has done a lot of efforts.

  • They develop their server machines from the scratch with the rock-solid components only.
  • They have their self-owned data centers that act as the server locations. With the advanced facility and equipment, all the web servers can be ensured with the proper working.
  • This web host utilizes the I/O segregation technology to better protect you away from some bad users whose sites may slow down the running of your site.
  • The CloudFlare CDN service is offered for free. You can start using it via your cPanel control panel.

1and1 VS BlueHost – Customer Service

1and1 vs BlueHost - Customer ServiceBlueHost has outstanding customer service with which they are trusted by a rising number of global webmasters. Besides, according to our researches, this company’s yearly customer retention rate is close to 90%, which is rarely seen in the changeable market. On top of that, their dedicated technical staffs respond to help requests quickly and always available all hours of a day whether on phone call or online chat.

In comparison, there are phone call and email ticket services provided by 1and1, but they are said to handle basic tech support and mainly act as a sales role. To top it off, 1and1 clients are disallowed to get in touch with support representatives by sending a chat message, which is quite inconvenient especially when the hotline is busy.

1and1 VS BlueHost – Last Judgement

Having compared 1the two companies on shared and VPS hosting service, we can make the final judgement that BlueHost is more suitable for people in search for a combination of unmatched quality and affordability web host. In addition, BlueHost has a solid foundation of customer satisfaction as is displayed in below.