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000WebHost Review and Rating on Real Hosting Experience
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000WebHost Review and Rating on Real Hosting Experience

000WebHost boasts that it is the only web hosting company offering free hosting solutions with high performance, rich features and considerate technical support. However, many readers wonder if there is such a good thing and wish to seek the truth. To this end, we go deep into this hosting provider so as to make a comprehensive review according to a tracking survey in the past three months.

Before making this 000WebHosting review, we have collected hundreds of questions from readers mainly concentrating on the cost-effectiveness, performance, uptime, support service, and usability. Here, we list the overall rating chart to show a quick review about this company.

000WebHost Review

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Pricing & Features – The Truth of Free Hosting Solution

In fact, the so called free hosting plan is not really “Free” to customers for the resources are extremely limited and most needed features are not available here. Thus, to get some basic features, you have to pay more for it or choose another hosting package that is not free of charge.

In addition to offering a free hosting solution, 000WebHost also has released a paid plan named as Premium, which is priced at $4.84/mo. Without any discount available, this paid hosting solution is not as affordable as many other services offered by some reliable hosting providers, like BlueHost, JustHost, and InMotion Hosting.

Price 000webhost JustHost
Regular $4.84/mo $7.99/mo
Discount N/A 69%
Discounted $4.84/mo $2.50/mo
Money Back N/A Anytime
How to Claim Not Recommended Link Activation

As we all know, there is no such thing as free lunch. However, many people adventure to try free hosting services and finally find that the solution is far behind what they have imagined before. This is because the given features are not enough to build a functional website. With all things considered, we make a comparison between the Free Hosting and Premium Hosting.

Feature Free Hosting Premium Hosting
Disk Space 1500MB Unlimited
Bandwidth 100GB/mo Unlimited
Free Domain NO Yes
MySQL Databases 2 Unlimited
Control Panel Custom cPanel
PHP Yes Yes
Advanced Site Builder No Yes
Ruby on Rails No Yes
Perl No Yes
Python No Yes
Support by Live Chat No Yes
Support by Phone No Yes

Obviously, the Free Hosting plan fails to offer the mush-have programming languages including Ruby on Rails, Perl, and Python. What’s more, the limited resource allocation sets back the smooth development of a website. The 1-click Autoinstaller is only realized in Premium Hosting plan.

If you have a high demand on the use of control panel, you have to choose the Premium plan which comes with the user-friendly cPanel because the Free hosting solution only integrates with a custom one.

Uptime & Speed – Fails to Guarantee High Level of Performance

000WebHost crows about its quality data centers with high level of security. However, when it comes to the Free Hosting plan, this company doesn’t invest enough money and human resources to maintain the infrastructures so that it cannot get around the emergencies that cause the server shutdown. Unlike some other reliable hosting providers (eg. BlueHost) guaranteeing 99.99%, 000WebHost only achieves 99% uptime. The gap of 1% means 7.2 hours downtime in a month! Oooh…


According to the past three months’ personal experience, we have tested that the average server response time of 000WebHost is 540ms, which is far slower than many other competitors.

Technical Support – No Live Chat & Phone

Good technical support guarantees the interest of each customer when suffering any problem on their websites. However, if you get into trouble and wish to ask for help, unfortunately, there is no way to break through the dilemma immediately for the lack of live chat and phone. Those two communication methods are recognized as the most convenient and fastest ways to contact the support staffs, but they are not available for 000WebHost customers.

The only way to find answers is sending email. It is not an effective way to solve some impending issues because solutions are always given hors or even days later. Besides, the forum offers a platform that enables customers to exchange experience with others.

Summary – Not Recommended

It is attractive that 000WebHost offers free hosting service, but this company fails to offer user-friendly control panel, sufficient resources, reliable hosting environment, fast speed and responsive technical support. There are some other affordable hosting providers doing much better than this company, such as the following three recommendations.